martedì 7 febbraio 2017

3 Technological Devices I Can't Stay Without

Hello readers!

Some days ago I was tiding up my bedroom and I realized that I have three technological devices that I can't stay without. They were two before January, they became three only 3 weeks ago.

1- My smartphone. My mother gave it as a Xmas present one year ago. I started to use it for my agenda, even if I'm still loving have the paper one in my bag, and for my e-mail. I really found it useful, especially for all my work schedules. Having different shifts I'm not able to remember every single day, so my smartphone helped me a lot.

2- My tablet-pc. Since one month, more or less, I have bought a new tablet-pc and I discovered that it synchronized completely with my smartphone (they are both Microsoft creations) and I found this so wonderful! I can take notes on my Picci (tablet-pc's name) and I will find them on my smartphone, or I can take pictures with my smartphone and then I can adjust them on my Picci. Lots of lovely things, more than I thought! I use it especially for writing, it seems made especially for it. I dreamed Picci for years, but I have never had enough money and now I'm sure it is the best purchase I have never had.

3- My Kindle. I like call it Kinder, like my sister called it the first time she asked me information about it, and I love it because I can bring with me all the books I want without breaking my back because of the excessive weight. It have been my first purchase when I worked in the library almost 3 years ago (many time passed!). I use it a lot, despite I still read some paper books (some emotions are unique!), but I bring Kinder everywhere! I don't know how many books I put in it, maybe 30 or 40, probably 50, in any case, a quantity that I couldn't bring with me with classical books.

Well, these are my three technological devices that I can't stay without. What about yours? Tell me which are your three (or more if you have more!) technological devices you can't stay without in the comments below.

Have a nice week!

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