domenica 19 febbraio 2017

A Week of Time Off

Hello my dear readers! How are you?

This week I had a bit of time off and I had been more busy than when I work (laugh), but it has been very funny and relaxing.
Monday was a chilling out day. In the morning my boyfriend and I met at our friend's home for a huge breakfast and then I brought him to a job interview (he hasn't got a car actually). While he was having the job interview I stayed in the car, with my trusty Kinder (the kindle), reading "I am legend" (completely absorbed by the story) relaxed on the seat of the car and having a look out of the panoramic car window sometimes. When Diego came back to the car we had a long and restful lunch at our favorite chines restaurant: appetizer, first course, second course and dessert. We spent the afternoon chatting about this and that and drinking hot green and rooibos teas. In the night, we met with our friends for our weekly session of Dungeons&Dragon (extraordinarily moved on that night because Tuesday was St. Valentine's day and there were some girlfriends that would have killed their boyfriends if they didn't stay together).

On Tuesday I had to participate to the weekly class for my apprenticeship all the day and after dinner I took the early night hours for me, reading curled up in my sweet white blanket.

Wednesday morning I went to the open-air market of Schio, a city near home, and after lunch I went to the hairstylist. Later I gave one hour of English private lesson.
Thursday was the anniversary of my boyfriend and mine. We had lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant, having a big feast of the best sushi we've ever ate. We stayed together for all the afternoon and then we cooked together the dinner for us and my father: gnocchi with salami pasta (delicious!). I stayed at my boyfriend's home for the night.
Friday morning I came back home for lunch and in the afternoon I had my weekly violin lesson where I started studying the songs for the little year-end's concert. In the evening I left home again for reach my sister's house. We ate together and we watched one of our favorite films: "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (it's always beautiful, even if you watched it lots of times).

I slept there and on Saturday morning I followed my sister and her boyfriend in their commissions. I stayed there until 6 pm and then I came back home for dinner. That night I was so tired that I had to go to sleep very early!

Sunday morning I woke up early and I had a rich and delicious breakfast with the Krapfen my mother cooked and then I went to the annual dinner with all my relatives. For the afternoon my boyfriend and I went to the comics' fair in the city near my little home town. The evening we ate a delicious sundae and the night I stayed home, watching "Van Helsing" and writing.
How was your week? What did you do?
Hope you enjoyed my post and wish you a beautiful week!

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  1. Cara <3 come sei bella con il nuovo look!!!Questi fantastici occhiali con il taglio corto sono il top!!!