mercoledì 25 gennaio 2017

Playing Character Background #2: Jane, the Brave Student

Hello readers!

Jane was a brilliant undergraduate that have been locked up in a jail because of a bank's theft. While she was in the jail, she had been freed by a werewolf that was chasing her since before the theft. Once she was free, she had been contacted from an unknown person who said her to meet other people in a monastery and there started her adventure that would brought the entire party to fight against the Four Horseman and Lucifer.

Jane was my first Playing Character, thought at school, during French class, and created two days later, with my actually boyfriend the night of my Role Playing Game's first meeting. The RPG was World of Darkness. The common setting is the contemporary era, even if Game Masters can move also in the future (something like cyberpunk style). The precise setting of that campaign was inspired by the fiction "Supernatural": obscure mysteries and a lot of occult.

At the end of the adventure she had to face Pestilence, one of the Four Horseman and it was a fantastic fighting in a disco full of skeletons and zombies.

Unfortunately I haven't got any drowing of this PC, but I hope you liked this description. Leave comments below: do you know the RPG World of Darkness? If you do, do you like it?

Have a nice week!

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