domenica 15 gennaio 2017

Game Review: Cards against Humanity

Hello friends!
Cards against humanity is a cruel board game that pull out the worst from people. And is for this reason that I love it.

It's a card game, with two kind of cards: black cards and white cards. Black cards have sentences wrote on them with missing words spaces that can be filled up with words wrote in white cards. The objective of the game is create sentences the most nice or nonsense you're able. And is because of the nonsense that people could be very bastard. On white cards are written words or little sentences like: Justin Bieber, The Rhapsody, Hope, The heart of a child, Adolf Hitler, Being fabulous...and so on (also something a bit vulgar, that I would not write in my blog respecting readers could be more emotionals). On black cards there are small sentences like: "My love, I'm here for...", "I got 99 problems but...ain't one", "...: kid-tested, mother-approved" and other and you have to combine white cards with black cards.

You can find this game for free in the net simply searching the name of the game "Cards against humanity". I played this game in December the 31st with other 6 friends and my boyfriend and it was really funny. More you are and more it is funny!

Does it inspires you? Have you ever played this game? What do you think about? Feel free to leave comments in the space below!
See you soon!

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