martedì 11 agosto 2015

Weekend with boyfriend

Hi lovelies! How are you?
Here it is very hot! I love it, but there is too much humidity that makes us feel very bad.

During the weekend my boyfriend and I usually stay together from friday night to sunday night, and we spend all the time playing RPG, computer games and watching anime or tv series.
Two weeks ago we watched "Berserk" an anime that take place in an imaginary medieval world, with heroes, knights and warriors. 
Last weekend we started "Soul Eater". I really love it, especially the first opening music. The story could generally seem a bit taken for granted, but as a whole is very nice. It alternates moments of extreme seriousness and moments of funny scenes.
On saturday afternoon and sunday night we usually meet with 2 groups of friends playing RPGs. On saturday afternoon we play at Pathfinder, a sort of Dungeons&Dragons, and on sunday night we play at Gothika. My favourite is Gothika, because we have to be more interpretatives and there are less dice to throw. The setting is a post-nuclear-war New York, called Night City, that is always under a dense blanket of dark clouds. All around the city, coverd by a barrier, there is a radioactive desert. We are all humans, each one with a characteristic. For my character, I thought to an haker who suffered of short-term memory, so she decided to correct this lack with the strong tecnology, adding in her head a chip that carry out all her mental capacity. Now she can connect with all kind of computer. My boyfriend decided to interpretate a mutant, a human genetically modified for become a weapon. It's a very nice RPG, we really enjoy playing it and our Master, the narrartor, is great!
Hope I didn't bored you!
Emmy Iyuko

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