giovedì 13 agosto 2015

A walk into the wilderness

Some weeks ago, when the weather was cooler, I went walk one moarning...
Near my house there are big fields and a nice wood. I like both, but I prefear the wood, with its lovely smell of moss and wet bark. I like also the sunshine that pass through the branches, creating a wanderful puzzle on the ground.

I have been surprised seeing a half-burnt stump with some white mushrooms that seemed made of light.
Coming oout of the wood I saw also a beautiful star-like bush, made by a plant similar to the ivy.
Coming back home, I toke some pictures of flowers and fields and of our small mountains, hidden behind the trees.

Long the way I saw an old house, where I went with my grandmother to see a big fountain with big gold fishes. Now the fountain is empty, but the house still has its long path with its trees and bushes full of flowers. I liked a lot the start of the path, with two small stoned columns, one covered with a strong ivy.

Once at home I started to clean up my bedroom and so on with my homeworks. It has been a very nice and relaxing walk. Next time I will have a nice trip by bike, long one of my favourites cycling tracks near a small hill where, a lot of years ago, lived a noble man who built a park all around his villa.

Lots of hugs and kisses.

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