giovedì 20 agosto 2015

Review - Authority

Finally I have reached to ley my hands on the second book of the Area X's trilogy and read it! It is "Authority" by Jeff VanderMeer. It is a thriller/fantasy trilogy, but in this book there is less fantasy than the first one.

In te second chapter of the Area X we are into the Southern Reach, a structure who organises the expeditions and the science researches. This structure is leded by a new director who is substituting the old one identified as the psycologist of the previeus book. The new director has the task of interrogate the survivors of the 12th expedition (the anthropologist, the topogrpher and the biologist), to organize the structure as much informations as possible. He carries out all the works, but when he reachesto find interesting informations, the Southern Reach "desappears".

The rythm of the book is slow, but not so much, at the beguinning and fast at the ending. It is charming with a breathless ending. Now I'm waiting the third one who will arrive in Italy at the end of this year.

See you!

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