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Book Review: I am legend

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I read "I am legend" many months ago and I noticed that I wrote anything aboout it. So...let's talk about this book.

"I am legend" is written by Richard Matheston and talks about vampires. It has nothing to do with modern vampires and I really loved it.

The stroy starts talking about a  man, tha last man in the world. All around him there is desolation and death. Years before compared a virus that transformed everybody in vampires. Now he has to survive without knowing how to destroy those monsters. After some researches he finds some answers about his problem and starts to hunt the vampires.

I really loved this book. The story is beautiul and also the way it's written is really fascinating. I devoured all the pages and almost cried for the ending.

Did you read it? What do you think about it? Which one do you prefer between classic vampires and Stephenie Meyer's vampires? Let me know your opinions in the comments.

Have a nice week.

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