domenica 7 gennaio 2018

3 things I've loved this week

Hello readers!
Christmas holidays are finished. I can't believe that is almost one month I changed my job. Time is really escaping from me. This week was a little more tranquil than the other before.

1. I met my boyfriend a lot of times. We had a lot of fun with our D&D group of friends.

2. I received the Christmas present from my aunt...some sweeties, some money and a beautiful hand cream with two lip balms. The cream smells really lovely and the lip balms work very well.

3. I bougth two video games on Steam. I like both, but I love more the one called "Sacred". I played it when I was at school and I've always wanted to play it again.

How was your week? Did you passed happy christmas holidays? Let's tell me all.

Have a nice week.

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