martedì 1 agosto 2017

Just a minute in...July

This was the month where I started to take care of myself. I started a diet, changed my habbits, bought some new make-up products and started to think more positively. The unexpected happens, as usual, but I didn't have so many problems on solving them. I spent more time outside having long walks early in the morning and having fun with friends and boyfriend.
READING: I read some really interesting blog posts that tought me something new.
LISTENING: my best jazz music compilation.
WATCHING: I recently started 2 new anime series "18if" and "Netsuzou Trap" and the tv series "Stranger Things".
BUYING: new make-up products.
LOVING: my new lifestile.
WANTING: I need a new job. So, I'm looking for one new.
FEELING: relaxed, even if a bit nervous for my FC exams.

How was your July? Leave comments in the space below!

See you soon,

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