mercoledì 30 agosto 2017

Game Review: Fallout Shelter

My boyfriend taught me to love Bethesda games, even if I've never played some of them. The "Fallout" series is one I've never played but I watched my boyfriend play it a lot. Now I downloaded "Fallout Shelter" for my tablet and I'm playing it.
The story of Fallout is inspired by the "Mad Max" films. The USA were nuclearized and people need safe shelters. The Vault Tech Industries created underground shelters where people can enter for being safe. So "Fallout Shelter" let you build your vault and make it grow up with survivors who look for a place to stay.

All in all the game is really nice. It starts simpler at the beguinning and it becomes hader the most you go on. Building your vault you have also to produce resurces for people like food, energy and water. And you have also to keep alive the survivors who you can equip with armors and weapons they find exploring the wasteland or you received completing quests.

In my opinion, it's te best city builder I've ever played. Its variety of activities from the city management to the exploration mode is its strongest power. It isn't boring, especially when riders or beasts attack the Vault. I like also the wanderful assistant that suggests you the best way for manage your Vault.

Do you know the game? Have you ever played one of the Fallout games? Did you like them? What do you think about Fallout Shelter? Is it enough good for its fathers? Leave comments and let me know something about your Fallout expeprience.


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