mercoledì 14 ottobre 2015

Little story

I like particular I like writing stories. The genre I'm good at writing is fantasy. So, at last, I decided to share with you a little story. Hope you will like it!
(inspired by the song "Seven widows weep" performed by the group Sirenia)

In the northern lands, seven sailors were leaving their home searching adventure and conquest. Their wives promised to wait their return every day. The mans started their jurney with the best weathr the could have hoped. Glass-like sea and tailwind went with the sailors for all the time as long as...

One day, passing trough a little group of cliffs the wind and the sea abandoned the ship and its seven mans. They decided to come back home, but, while they were inverting the course, something surfaced the sea, softly. The sailors inspected the waves who were becoming higher and higher, and descoverd that the things were surfacing the water were sirens; beautiful womens with an enchanting voice. Scared, the mans wanted to escape from that terrible trap but the ship was slamed against the rocks and than sinked with all the hands.

Meanwhile. in the little village of the sailors, six of the wives woke up all together in the deep cold night of the North beckoned by a strange force to the promontory. The seventh one, the older, was already there, black dressed, with a long dark veil hiding her face, the arms abandoned long the hips. In front of her the sea was furious and the wind seemed desperate. Behind her the six wives were running to the poromontory.

The seven sailors slowly woke up into a sea cave during the ebb tide. Out of the cave the sea was still rough. At the side of each sailor there was a young women. Dazed the mans thought to be back home in the arms of their wives, so they let down their guard, certain of the cures of their wives. But the womens weren't their wives and when the sailors abandoned themselves to Father Sleep, the sirens stole the seven souls.

From the summit of the promontory, a heartrending cry rised, half-coverd by the strong sound of the sea. The young widows were despairingly grapped to the older one, crying and screeming. The old widow was mationless and calm. She was stare at the dark eyes of thise monsters who were steeling hearts and souls of their sweethearts.


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