venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Just a minute in October

READING: posts on bloglovin. I absolutly have to improve my english!
LISTENING: anime's main themes.
WATCHING: a new anime called "God eater".
BUYING: I'm still not buying, but I'm looking for a new portable pc.
LOVING: I'm adoring my new job!
WANTING: I want a new pc, smaller than this one I have XD
FEELING: now that I have a job, a good job, I feel in peace with myself, more tranquil and with a better self-confidence.

2 commenti:

  1. I don´t know if you made it, but I love your illustration picture <3


  2. I'm sorry, I didn't do it :( I'm not so good at drawing XD anyway, thank you very much Elise! ^_^