domenica 10 dicembre 2017

3 things I've loved this week

This week gone almost in tranquillity. I worked a lot, especially in the evening and I thought everyday to my new job. I can't wait for it, I0m so excited and a bit nervous.
1- This week I loved my free mornings. I had the possibility to sleep a little more than usually and...
2- ...I had the possibility to study better the Christmas songs I will play with the violin for the Christmas concert of the music school.
3- Thinking to the path I've run untill now, I loved (and I'm still loving) the decisions I've made. They are really brave and now I know that I shouldn't be afraid of "what could be in future" because it's only an excuse that stop me.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments,

Have a nice Sunday.

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