domenica 24 luglio 2016

Pasta with Salami Pasta

Good sunday readers! How are you?

This morning I was so dynamic that I decided to cook something very, very good for lunch.  I opened the fridge and, there, right there, at the forefront of one of the shelfs, in front of my eyes, I have found a little pack of salami pasta. So, why don't cook a good sauce for pasta? And I did it! I wanted use potatoes dumplings, but I did not have potatoes at home, so I used penne. 
The recipe is very simple:
1- I prepared some sautéed vegetables with onions, carrots and slice of squashed garlic.
2- I added the salami pasta, the tomato passata and a bit of BBQ sauce and let it boil.
3- I cooked the pasta.
4- Finally, I mixed all together and served after it cooled a little.
And this is the result!

Hope you liked this post.
Have a nice summer's weekend!

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