giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Manga review: Torikago Syndrome

Hello readers! How are you?

Today I want talk about the new manga "Torikago Syndrome" by Akaza Samamiya.

"Will the young boys in cage obtain the wings for freedom or will crowl into the darkness?

With the suggestion of "Daddy Long-legs", Tsugumi Ayase join the seminary Zugvogel. There, searching the true freedom, take part to "the game of the classes". However because of this cruel and unfair game Marco, the first friend that the boy has nevere had, is pushed to retreat himself from the school and Tsugumi decide to become the next "king" for stopping this game. So start a new game with protagonists Tsugumi, the king Kain, the misterious Licht and the teacher Reinhart!

What will be the outcome of the game?"

A perfect summary behind the manga. I wasn't able to write one, so I decided to copy (or better translate) the summary of the manga.

I found the first pages of this manga into a booklet in my favourite comics shop and than I found the first number at the Verona Comics' Fair. After I bought the first number I descovered that it was a miniseries composed by only 2 volumes. I've read the first number, I litterarly divoured it, and than? I wanted read the second one because I wanted know how it finished.

It have been very interesting, with a lot of intrigues between the protagonists. Something "soft", infact it is a Shojo manga, a sort of romance. I liked it, and for the lovers of Shojos, I really suggest it.

See you next post!

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