venerdì 24 giugno 2016

The Troll's Bridge

Welcome back readers!
Today I would tell you a very little story inspired by this photo I took last week:

"The Troll's Bridge"
Once upon a time, a troll was living under a bridge near  a village and for each villager that passed the bridge he asked a toll. One day he met a little girl and, as usually, he stopped her and saied:
"If you want pass, you have to pay a toll."
"Why I should pay for passing the bridge?" asked the girl.
"Because it's mine." the troll answered.
"It can't be yours, I don't see any signpost with your name on."
"But it's my home!" the troll was getting angry.
"Don't shout please. I have to go now or I'll be late for school." the girl passed without paying the toll, and the troll retired under his bridge.
The following day, early in the moarning, the troll was still sleeping whe he was woke up by a strong noise of a hummer hitting on something. He went out by the bridge to see what was happening and saw the girl of the day before who was installing a signpost to the starting of the bridge.
"Why are you doing this?" asked the troll.
"Because you're right asking a toll to villagers who want pass the bridge, but you should show that this is your bridge." answered the girl. After she finished to install the signpost she gave two coins to the troll; one for the day before and one for that ones, than she passed the bridge and went to school.
Days passed and all the villagers wanted pass the bridge, payed the toll for the troll. He became reach, but he wasn't happy. He liked scare the villagers who didn't want to pay the toll, and now he was boring. One day he decided to break the signpost for scaring all the villagers who passed there. When she meet again the girl she asked:
"Why did you break the signpost? Didn't you want our coins?"
"I don't want your coins, I want scare all of you." answered happy the troll.
"So, you don't need of this?" the girl asked showing the coin.
"No, I don't need it." he took a big sack of coins and gave it to the girl, than he retired again under the bridge, waiting for the next villager to scare. The girl came back home with the big sack of coins and decided to use them for halp her parents with the field of grain. From that day the troll nevemore scared the girl, he scared only the other villagers.

Hope you liked the story.
Have a nice weekend attention to the troll!


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