lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Welcome back readers! How are you?
Last month I watched the anime Diabolik Lovers, but I forgot to write the review!

A coworker of mine suggested me this anime and I watched it in 2 days. It is composed by 2 series, "Diabolik Lovers" by Shinobu Tagashira and "Diabolik Lovers: More Blood" by Hiroko Kusanagi.

The plot is very simple: in the first series there is a girl who is left in front of the gate of a villa occupied by a family of vampire. They are 6 brothers born from three different mothers and the same father. In the second one, the girl is kidnapped by other 4 vampires. They were humans that have been transformed in vampires.

I can't express myself about the plot, because is very very simple, but I can do it for the characters. My favourites are 4; two of the first series and two of the second one. They are Ayato, Light, Kou and Yuma. Ayato is the classic bad boy, Light and Kou are the charismatic members of the party and Yuma is the one that seems a tough guy outside, but inside is very gentle.

Well, nothing so demanding, but something relaxing and, why not, something you can joke on.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice week!

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