mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

What's in your bag?

Hello readers!
Today I will share with you a TAG I read on the blog of a friend of mine: what's in your bag?

I was searching for new ideas for my strange blog and I thought could be nice writing a post like this.

Well in my bag I usually put a lot of things, but there are some of theme I can't stay without...

1- First of all: dice. Yes, since when I started role playing games I can't forget dice at home.

2- Cards...two kind of cards. Some weeks ago my friends and I started a new RPG with poker cards instead of dice. The second kind of cards are those of the card game "Magic". They're my new passion.
3- A good Diary that remember me when I have to go work. I don't have the same schedule every day, so I need something helps me to remember them.

4- Jottery and pen. I like writing and good ideas could come into view in every moment. So I always have a little jotter with me, noting down those ideas.
5- My little Kindle "Kinder". I love books, but I can't bring all of them in my bag. I really like Kindle because I can read one book now and another in 10 minutes.
These are the things can't miss in my bag. And you? What's in your bags?

Have a nice week!

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