sabato 5 marzo 2016

Game review: Relic

NAME: Relic
PLAYERS: from 2 to 4 (6 with the expansion)

Hello everybody! How are you?
Today I'm going to talk about "Relic", a boardgame set in the universe of Warhammer 40.000 in which you assume the role of powerful heroes.

It's an adventure game based on the foundations of "Talisman" system: on each turn, a player rolls a single six-sided die before moving playing piece that number of spaces clockwise or counter-clockwise around the region of the board it currently occupies (outer, midder or inner). That player then drow a card o cards to see what he has encountered, pitting his heroic persona against foul enemies, dangerous locations and fantastic strangers. All the while, heroes rise in power, as thery work their way toward the ultimate goal at the centre of the board.

The first time I played this game I was so enthusiastic that I was always looking foreward to play again and again. It is fantastic. Now, my boyfriend gave us this board game as a present do our anniversary.

Hope you enjoyed this review.
See you soon!

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