venerdì 1 maggio 2015


Hello deares!
After the year of National Civil Service I registered myself for the European project called "Youth Guarantee" beacuse I wanted participate to the selection for a course about human resources. I have been selected with other 9 people and at 20th April we started our path together.

We are studying how to become experts on managing human resources. Practically, we are studying to be very good at find professional profiles asked by companies who are our clients. But it's not all! Today we finished the first part of the course and next week we will start with the second part where we will learn the administrative branch.

All I learned 'till now is very interesting and exciting, I hope the second part will be the same. One of my objectives is to work in the same studio where I received my training in the branch of training. I would like to train other young people like me that are motivated to learn something new every day.

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