martedì 14 aprile 2015

Review - Annihilation

I have worked in a library for one year and I have had the possibility of reading books before to lend them people. The last one I read was "Annihilation" written by Jeff Vander Meer. A thriller with a bit of fantasy setted on an unpolluted zone of the world and narrated with by the point of view of the protagonist in the shape of a diary. Four womans are sent to this place studying the strange events are happening there. They don't have names and the call them with their profession: the psychologist, the anthropologist, the biologist and the topographer. They belong to the 12th expedition and with them they have only a little equipment. About the place they don't know so much: it is rich of vegetation and various types of fauna, there is a base camp organized by the previous expeditions, there is an abbandoned village and a lighthouse. For their researches the have to trust only on the meagre informations given by their superiors thanks to the other expeditions. After the discover of what the biologist consider a buried tower, they concentrate all their energies on it. Then, cause of some events like the disappear of the anthropologist, the biologist decides to go to the lighthouse where she finds the diaries of all previouse expeditions. She read some diaries and then she came back alone to the tower where is able to find other interesting informations. At the end she leave a sort of message for the posterity.

Since the start of the book I found it magnetic. Putting aside some specific scientific terms, the reading is fluent. During the parts of more tension it seems that the text slides on a sheet of ice. If the book cover attracted me, the book kept me glued to the pages. The mistery occupies all the books, even if, at the end it isn't revealed completly.

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

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