venerdì 31 marzo 2017

Just a minute in...March

March finished and spring arrived. The days started to be lighter and hotter than before. Trees have new life with their new leafs and beautiful flowers. Fields are green, rich of new grass and plantations. My new projects are going on well and I restored myself with my new fiber optic.

READING: finally I finished the book of "I am legend" and I really liked it!
LISTENING: I listened to the radio for the most of the time.
WATCHING: the film "Hell Boy" it was a lot of time that I didn't watch it.
BUYING: nothing new for this month, probably for the next one.
LOVING: I really love the hot days arrived in this period.
WANTING: realize my projects the best.
FEELING: I feel energetic!

How was your March?
See you soon.

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