lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Winter is coming

Autumn and Winter aren't my favourite seasons because it's cold and we have to wear warm clothes, but I love their colours and some activity I usully do.

I adore the colours of Autumn: red, yellow, brown and that particular pale green. They make me feel extremly relaxed. In Winter I like when, after a snowfall, arrives the Sun and create a sort of rainbow on the white fields.

My favourite activities in these periods are:

  • watch films curled-up in a warm woolly blanket.
  • drink hot green tea, red tea, citrus and vanilla based infuses combined with special bisquit with cereal and raisin.
  • drink hot chocolate with my father late in the evening.
  • read books and posts and play with computer listening my favourite music.
  • meet with friend and play boardgames and RPGs in front of a hot cup of tea.

Green tea and special bisqits
What do you usually like to do in these cold monthes?

Have a nice week!

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