mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

Review - Lucy

Hi dears!
Some weeks ago I watched a fantastic new film I have never seen: "Lucy" by Luc Besson (2014).

The film talk about what could happen if humans could be able to use their brain at 100%. The main character, Lucy (Scarlett Johannson) accidentally became a smuggler. The drug has to reaches the Europe and she and other 3 mans have been chosen for this job, but the sack into her intestin has been broken and she suddenly acquires some incredible knowleadges. After a quick operation, she leaves Taiwan and reaches Paris for talk with one of the best researcher and share her knowleadges and for help the franch drug squad finding the other 3 smuggler.
I won't tell you the end of the film :P it's too important. I found it really interesting and magnetic. My boyfriends was also satisfaied and happy to have seen it with me. I think the actress that interprets Lucy (my favourite) has been able to instill the insensibility of who know too much things for waste time feeling any kind of moods. I loved it.

Kisses, Emily.

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