giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Weekend, Friends and Nature

Hello darlings! How are you?
Last Saturday morning I met a friend of mine who was leaving Italy for Dublin. She will stay there for three months so, befor she left, we decided to meet us for say "bye, bye".

We had a look to the market and then we took a tea in a wanderful comix shop. For my friend Martina I prepared a small vase with flowers made with small pearls, handmade by me. She loved it.
After our meeting I came back to my boufriend's house. We had lounch together and then we spent the afternoon watching "Game of Thrones" in streaming. In the evening we went to a fair dedicated to the environment. My boyfriend, Diego, had to stay at the stand of the office where he's actually working. They project houses' systems with solar panels. While he stayed at the stand I had a look to the fair and then I went walking long the way of the park. It was wanderful. The sunset was red and its coloures were reflected on the river that crosses the big park. I stayed alone 'till 22.00 and then I came back to the stand because it was too much dark for stay alone there. Diego and I had an organic ice-cream and then we left back home at 23.00.
On Sunday morning Diego and I baked a cake together, for our friend and in the afternoon we met with them and we played D&D untill midnight. Finally, my boyfriend brought me back to my home.

Hope you had a nice weekend and a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

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  2. Emily, darling!!! It was such a pleasure to spend last Saturday morning with you..We had a lot of fun!!!:) Thank you so much for your's gorgeous and it has been love at the first sight!!!
    You are very talented honey!!! My first week in Dublin has been amazing and I'm very happy to be in Ireland!!!
    Many kisses

    1. I miss you dear, but I'm happy you're enjoying in Dublin ^_^ send me some photoes!