mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Magical places of my heart...Japan

I like travel, but I've never had the possibility to do it. So, waiting to start travelling, I like lose my mind into the pictures of my favourite places.

The first place I would tell you is Japan. It's my favourite one. My passion for Japan started during the middle school. My sister was an aficionado of anime and manga. I red some of it, and durind the high school I red more and more. Now I'm still reading and watching a lot.

At first place I love Japan's nature, especially during spring, with the cherry-tree bloom. They have an out-and-out celebration. Mount Fuji is another lovely natural element, but my favourites in absolute are Zen Gardens.
Mount Fuji

Zen Garden

Another Zen Garden

Cherry-tree bloom

Cherry-tree bloom
I love also Japan architecture, especially the traditional Japan architecture. I love temples. They give me a particular sense of tranquillity. The modern architecture is too similar to the occidental. When I hear something of Japan, I visualize bamboo woods, temples, traditional haouses, Geishas with ther particular kimonos and Samurai coming back from a battle.
A temple

Inner of a traditional house

Another temple

Traditional japanese gate
This is my first magical place. I have a lot of magical places so...don't lose next posts.
I hope you didn't bored.
See you ^_^
Love Emmy Iyuko.

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  1. What a beautiful pictures honey!! <3 You MUST read MEMORIES OF A's the perfect book for a lover of Japan like you!!!!
    Miss you at work this week..please come soon <3!!!!

    1. I saw the film and you you've just remembered me the book I wanted to search some days ago ;)