mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017

Film Review: The Avengers

Let's go on with the Marvel films and let's talk about the first film of "The Avengers".

In "The Avengers" a group of powerful people has to fight the evil who is brought by the brother of Thor, Lokee. He wants to bring on Earth a race of aliens with whom he made a deal. But, first of all, he needs to catch a powerful item found by humans. Once he cought it, he starts to open a portal on the Universe for his friends aliens. The aliens come and the heroes fight.

The story is really simple and predictable. The film has good special effects, especially when the aliens arrives on Earth. As usual, I liked the character of Tony Stark.

Have you seen the film? What do you think about it? What do you think about strange visitors coming from the Universe? Let me know your answers in the comments.

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