sabato 20 giugno 2015

A Special Week

Hello darlings! How are you? How is the the weather like there? Here sould be summer, but it seems to be autumn.

Fortunately, last week was hot and sunny, and it was also a special week for me ^_^
First of all, the 10th of June was the day of my birthday. Accordint to my parents and boyfriend, we dwcided to not have any special party, only a quiet dinner with my sister, boyfrind and parents. We ate pizza and a chocholate cheesecake, I made the day before, all together.

Some friends of mine, greedy friends and lover of my cakes, suggested to meet all together and have a little party playing our RPG. I accepted so, de day after my birthday, I prepared another cake, a wonderful chocholate cake (yes, I'm a lover of chocholate) and...I can't show you it because I didn't have the time to take a picture of friends devoured it befor I could take the picture.

But the weekend was the best part of the week. On Saturday and Sunday there was a feir of comix and cosplay and games in Villafranca Veronese. My borfriend and some other guys are part of the organization of an event in Schio and they had to go to the fair sponsorizing their event. I went with them and I staied to the stand with them all the day of Saturday.
On Saturday there was a lot of other people who could stay at the stand, so my boyfriend and I decided to have a look to the other stands. It wasn't a big fair, but there were a lot of stands, more than last year: some of theme were dedicated to board games and videogames, some to model collecting, other to comix and so on. I was attracted by two particular stands: the first one was dedicated to the fiction "Doctor Who" and it has a big Dalek in fron of the stand; while the second one was dedicated to the films of Hunger Games, Shaowhunter and Harry Potter. There was a lot of gadgets inspired by those fims and as a good fan of Harry Potter (I'm still waiting the letter from Hogwarts), I could not ignore two necklace that was calling me with strong voice: the symbol of deadly hollows and the time turner of Hermione. In the same stand I have found also a necklace with a celtic symbol that I was searching since last year.
Have a nice weekend!
Emmy Iyuko

venerdì 5 giugno 2015

Friday backing cake

Last Wednesday I finished my course about Human Resources. It has been useful and I really loved it.

On Friday, I decided to celebrate the end of the course backing one of my favourite cakes: Madeira cake. It is a simple cake that need only of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder for desserts and lemon peel. It is fantastic for breakfast, especially with milk, and it has two peculiarity: it is better the day after, and it lasts a lot of day. Usually I bake it in the afternoon, and then I eat it for breakfast, the following mornings and afternoons.
I baked it also for my last day to the library, and I added chocolate drops. Martina and Silvana loved it, and they asked me if they could pick up some slices for the next day and their family.
I discovered this recipe inside a collection of cake decoration. The first time I bake it making some little cubes covered with dark chocolate and decorated with whipped cream. It was nice, wonderful and delicious.

200gr butter
200gr sugar
4 eggs
300gr flour
2 teaspoon of baking powder for desserts
Shaved lemon peel
I love bake, and one day I would like open a bakery for “normal” and allergic people integral to a library.

Hope you enjoy.
Have a nice weekend.

Emmy Iyuko.

giovedì 4 giugno 2015

Just a minute in...June

June is my favorite month. It is the month of my birthday and it is also the first month of summer! I love hot days and I love keep my windows open all the day and the night.

Reading: articles about games, animes, video gams and northern legends.
Listening: opening and ending themes of my favorite animes.
Watching: "Apocalypto" a film about natives of south America.
Buying: a new pair of flats.
Loving: the hot days arriving.
Wanting: I don't want...I need a new pair of thight hights for my new cosplay! >.<
Feeling: I'm relaxed and full of energy, ready for new challanges!

Have a nice weekend!
Emmy Iyuko