venerdì 3 maggio 2019

Starting a new life

Welcome back, readers!

Last year was terrible. I felt so unlucky more than once. First I broke a leg, then I was unfairly dismissed and my boyfriend and I had to abandon all our projects.

But now it seems to be finished. Three days ago I finally started my new life with my boyfriend, in our beautiful flat. It is not too big nor too small, just the right dimension for us. It's almost completely surrounded by nature, near the top of a small mountain. To the northern corner, there is also a little garden where I want to plant some flowers and vegetables. Actually, it's uncultivated and with very hight grass. I'm waiting the weather stops to rain so I can cut the grass and plant something good. Behind the flat, there is a field and over it, there starts a wood. When the night comes we hear a lot of disturbing animal sounds. But, the best of the landscape is on the south-east side of the flat. A wonderful sight of the cities down in the valley, all coloured during the day and full of lights during the night.

Three weeks ago I started also a new job. I'm a trainee in a warehouse' office of a company that builds vending machines. Nothing particularly enthusiastic, but, hey! It's a job!

I started also two courses. The first is about Social Media Manager. It's more interesting than I thought and I'm happy to have started it now, I think it's the best moment.
The second course is about the software Rhinoceros, laser cut and numerical control cutter. In the area where I'm living, all these professional knowledge are very valued, so I hope it will be useful for me if the company where I'm working now won't assume me and the end of the internship.

For now, it's all. I hope I will write more often.

Have a nice weekend!