giovedì 23 agosto 2018

Summer holidays

Hello readers! How are you? How is going your summer?

Mine was a little confused. I spent the most of the time taking care of my broken leg, but last week I spent three beautiful days in a five-stars spa hotel with my boyfriend. We wanted to celebrate our permanent employment staying at a luxurious hotel and it was great. Wonderful room, wonderful pools, and wonderful food. We found also a beautiful weather. Sun and hot, and a nice refreshing breeze.
Took by me
Took by me
Took by me
During this summer I watched a lot of old films and I projected a new simple cosplay with a group of friends for an event next Sunday.

What about your summer? Is it finished for you or do you have something more to do? Tell me in the comments and have a nice week!


giovedì 9 agosto 2018

Book Review: Ti odio con tutto il cuore

Took from Google Image
Welcome back, readers!

During these days I read a book I bought two or three years ago, but I have never had the occasion to start it. The title is "Ti odio con tutto il cuore" (I hate you with all my heart) and it is written by an Italian young woman.

The story talks about a woman that hate a man, who is a famous chef and that he used to be his best friend when they were younger. For all the first half of the book, she really hates him, but then she starts to change and finally she forgive him.

I liked the book in general. It has beautiful descriptions of New York and Miami. I love it more because of it talks a lot about the Italian food and the Italian passion for food. The love story is nice. It's full of pull-and-spring between the two protagonists. Even if it isn't the kind of stories I usually like, I appreciated it.

Have you ever had the occasion of reading it? Someone would leave some comment about the book?

Have a nice week.

domenica 5 agosto 2018

Summer purchases

Hello readers! How's going your summer?

I finally recovered almost completely my leg. Now I can start again working even if I still have to pay attention. I have to be patient too because sometimes it still hurts. But it doesn't matter! Now I'm fine and yesterday morning I went for a little shopping.

I took advantage of sales and I bought some new makeup products so I can through away some old ones. I bought also two swimsuits, a pair of jeans shorts, a bathrobe and a pair of slippers for the pool...yes, my boyfriend and I will go to the spa also this year, summer this time. Now that our jobs let us have vacationed in summer, during the same days, we want to enjoy them!
Took by me
Took by me - I like both, but I love the one at the right
Took by me - the slippers are so sweet
Took by me - I'm so happy about finding shorts of my size
How about your summer projects? Do you go somewhere on vacations? What do you usually prefer: sea or mountains? Feel free to leave comments.

Have a nice weekend!