mercoledì 28 dicembre 2016

Anime Review: One Punch Man

Wellcome back readers!
Last week a finished to watch the first series of One Punch Man made by the Madhouse studio, inspired by the manga of the same name created by the mangaka One.

The protagonist of the anime is a young unemployed boy, Saitama, that can defeat all his enemies with a single punch. Saitama describes himself as a person whose hobby is being a superhero.

The anime could seems something boring and taken for garanted, but it isn't. The protagonist is depicted like a simpleton and dumb person. He is particularly interested on monsters that appear in his city and he's always looking for one of them stronger. Other characters of the anime seems to be cooler than him, but every time you think something similar, Saitama arrives with one of his punches and knock down the opponent of the moment.

Personally, I found this anime uncommon and it gives me the feeling that its creator would mock other animes of the same genre (DragonBall, Naruto, HunterXHunter and so on). Even if I would not say, I like it. I would not say it beacuse before I watched it I was always saying my boyfriend: "I don't like it. It's boring and the protagonist is stupid!". Instead, I have to say that it is really nice (especially some secondary characters :P ). Know, saying that I don't like it, I am waiting for the second series. Yes, beacuse, I repeat, I (don't) like it XD

Well, did you see it? What do you think about? Leave your comments below, don't be shy!
Have a nice week and Marry Christmas and Happy new year!

giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Anime review: Elfen Lied

Hello friends!
The last anime my boyfriend and I watched was "Elfen Lied" directed by Mamoru Kanabe in 2004 and inspired by Lynn Okamoto's manga (2002).

It talk about Lucy, a young girl escaped from a laboratory and hosted in an old hotel of two young persons' relatives. Lucy is a "Diclonius", a person able to use vectors, additional invisible hands, and into the laboratory she was considered an important studying subject for the scientists of the place.

I really liked this anime, especially for its very strong topics: memory loss caused by a very upsetting event and the killing of female infants infected by this dangerous abilities.
Nakedness is frequently showed, but watching the episodes you don't immediately realize that you have just seen a naked female body (completely different from "Highschool of the dead", do you remember?).
What about the story? Not so expected as you can think watching the first episodes, but it's also not so complicated.

Have you seen it? What do you think about? Feel free to leave comments in the space below, as usual.
Have a nice weekend.

domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Because Fall Rhymes With...Apple and Tea

Hello readers!
Some days ago I was reading some posts of one of my favourite bloggers and I was inspired by one in particular that talked about Fall.

Fall isn't my favourite season but there are some things that I love:

  • First af all, apples! I love them cut in slices, in cakes, with a soft dose of cinnamon, mixed in salad with walnuts or simply cooked into the wood oven (all food is better cooked with our old wood stove)...I could put them everywhere!
  • And what could accompany a delicate piece of apple pie? A wonderful hot big cup of tea! Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Rooibos...I recently descovered a beautiful tea shop where I can find all kind of teas and infuses. Nothing could make me happier than my favourite cup filled with a good tea.
  • Finally, I love Fall's colours: red, orange and yellow. They are able to cover the cold air that blow against me.

Well, these are the three things that I love most of Fall.
Hope you liked this post and...tell me waht do you like about this magic season in the comments below!

Have a nice Sunday!

sabato 10 dicembre 2016

Anime Review: Highschool of the dead.

Hello blog's friends!
Last week I was skimming the Yamato Video's channel on YouTube, searching for something new, and I saw some previews about this anime, "Highschool of the dead", showing sexy girls. I was stunned by these imagines, because I heared it talked about zombies! So I proposed my boyfriend to watch it together and...well, I can't say that I didn't like it, but I have to say that it never will be in my top ten favourite animes list.

After watched the first series (I won't watch the second if there is or will be one) I resume it saying (vulgarly) "It talk about zombies...tits and asses". I'm really not able to understand why five girls are always thinking to their tits while they are hiding and escaping from famished zombies! Anyway, putting aside the story (too assumed) and the expilicit subject, I really liked the mangaka's stile.

Well, this is all falks. As you know, I don't like spoiling, so, I won't say any other.

Have a nice weekend.

mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Just a minute in...November

Hello readers!

Winter is coming and November have been a very busy autumnal month...and if it could'n be enough, I had to waste 5 precious days closed at home, illed. Despite illness, I had a lot of fun. I met with my boyfriend for breackfasts or dinners, I met friends playing board games and...sure, I worked! Shopping? Mmm...I bought something, or better, I asked my best comix sellers to set aside for me two numbers of one manga I'm enjoying reading and other two numbers of another one for my boyfriend (I think I will use them as Xmas present). Something else? Oh, sure! I finally found time to bake a wonderful chocolate cake, a delicious ceesecake with stroberry topping and...I'm happy!
READING: "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman.
LISTENING: a compilation of classical music.
WATCHING: the trillogy of "Iron Man".
BUYING: the third and fourth volumes of "Bloody Mary" by Akaza Samamiya.
LOVING: spend time outside with my boyfriend.
WANTING: my tablet pc that is waiting me in my amazon's shopping cart.
FEELING: very happy.
Have a nice week!

lunedì 21 novembre 2016

Anime Review: HunterXHunter

Hello readers! How are you?
Browsing my blog some days ago, I noticed that I did not write a review for the best anime I have ever seen: Hunter X Hunter. I am sure some of you know it, probably very well and you are probably asking "Why she does not write something about it?" I am really sorry, but I watched it more than one year ago and I completly forgot its review. But I will mend my mistake right now!
Main plot is very simple: it talks about a boy, Gon, who leaves his homeland searching his father. Who does not know the anime could think "How boring!" but I say, no, absolutely no! Main plot is a very small part of the plot.
During his travel, Gon will meet other 3 main characters: Leorio, a young boy (do not be fooled by appearances!) who want become a great doctor, Kurapika, the last survivor of his family and Killua, son of murderers' family (very nice group, don't you?). The group passes the Hunters' exam and then they will go each one by their way. In the fourth saga, Gon and Killua go together to the Heavens Arena, where they are trained by Master Wing on using Nen, a Qi-like life energy used to manifest parapsycological abilities. After this, the group reunite in Yorkshin City where is in progress an auction of rare objects. There they find the Phantom Brigade, a group of thieves guilty of the extinxtion of Kurapika's family. During the auction, Gon and Killua discover that Gon's father is one of the creators of the videogame called Greed Island and that a big buyer is needing people able to use Nen for complete the game that has never been completed. The two friends accept to participate at this game and at the end Gon receive an artifact that he think will bring him to his father but the artifact bring both Gon and Killua to Kite instead. There they help Kite with his research descovering a new kind of man-sized insects called Chimera Ant that are occuping an island called Neo-Green Life (N.G.L.) by eating all the inhabitants. Once the danger of Chimera Ants was deleted, all the community of hunters is called for the election of the new president and finally, during this special event, Gon meets his father.

The complete series is composed by 148 episodes and divided in 8 sagas. For the ones that have never seen this anime (you must watch it tomorrow! :D ), I am talking about the adaptation of the year 2011. The previews one was related in 1998 and does not contain the last two sagas (Chimera Ant and the elections of the hunters' president).

I loved the entire series, but my favourite saga is the Chimera Ant. Full of twists and emotions. My boyfriend knows that when I cry during an anime, it means that it is (for me) wanderful. Tiarjerker final? Maybe. I heard friends that were very happy about the ending of the 7th saga. I cried instead...a lot (and my boyfriend to :P ).
Well, I hope you liked my review. If you want, I will be pleased if you want leave comments in the space below.
Thank you for reading!

mercoledì 9 novembre 2016

Playing Characters Backgrounds #1: Rilka, the Mutagenic Barbarian

Hello readers!

I want start a new sequence of posts where I describe the best PCs (Playing Characters) I created for the RPGs (Role Playing Games) I play with my boyfriend and friends.

The first PC I will describe you is Rilka, the mutagenic barbarian. She was one of the strongest and bravest warriors of her halfling's clan (halfling=race of the RPGs D&D and Pathfinder similar to the Tolkien's hobbits). One day, while she was fighting for her family against a group of soldier she was captured and brought in an alchemist's laboratory. There she was used as a guinea pig for a new kind of mutagen (a potion that changes the person who drink it) and when she came back to her family after being escaped from the laboratory, the clan refused her because of the new powers the alchemists gave her. At that point she went away deciding to live by herself for the rest of her life. And just then she was called by the ministers of the Gods of the world for a special mission.
Rilka is a 12th lv (12th level) barbarian from the Pathfinder RPG. When I created her, I chose the variation of the classical barbarian called "mutagenic rager". Basically, the barbarian class has a special ability called "rage" that let the PC empower his/her phisical scores (Strengh, Dexterity and Constitution). The variation I chose (mutagenic rager) mixes this special ability with the alchemist's one creating special potions that changes the ability of the person who drink it. Creating a PC, players have to choose also the personality, so the allignment of the character. Rilka started as a Chaotic Neutral (CN; someone who do not like law and do good and evil actions equally) and finished as a Chaotic Evil (CE; someone who do not like law and do mainly bad actions, for his/her personal entertainment). Someone of you will ask "Why this changing?", because at the end of the adventure Rilka and her companions had to face five enemies too strong for them, so they had to decide if die or live. Rilka and another companion decided to live, so they sided with the five enemies. Before this strange ending, the outcome of Rilka's creation was a wonderful and powerful warrior.

I hope you liked this post and, please, let me know in the comments below if you want read other backgrounds.
Thank you for reading and following.

Have a nice week.

domenica 30 ottobre 2016

Just a minute in...October

Seemed yesterday when I was waiting for my first two weeks of vacation and now I have just realized that we are yet next to November. So it means that it's time for our montly appointment!

As you understood by reading the first lines of this post, October for me passed really rapidly. I spent two weeks in complete relaxation, playing computer games, reading, cooking and baking. The stay in the hot springs of Abano was waiting! I relaxed and recharged for start a new strong period at work with the right energy and with the best dose of optimism. During this month I meet again my sweet friend Martina, even if only for less than one hour I was very happy to see her again. Other? Oh yes! I baked a lot. It was a long time since I baked so and I really enjoyed.
READING: "A hunger like no other" by Kresley Cole
LISTENING: I listened to the radio for all the month
WATCHING: the TV series "Burn notice"
BUYING: chocolate, teas,'s autumn, it's time for whatever is hot!
LOVING: vacation at the hot springs with my boyfriend and playing violin
WANTING: I want a tablet
FEELING: happy and relaxed

Have a nice Halloween!

venerdì 14 ottobre 2016


Hello my readers!

Yesterday night I came back from my vacation at hot springs in Abano Terme. My boyfriend and I stayed there from 10th to 14th October in total relaxation.
We left our homes on Monday mornings, at 9:30 a.m. and we arrived at the hotel-hot springs "Igea Suisse" at 11:00 a.m.
We registered our arrival and we stayed in the hall of the hotel untill lunch. At 14:00 we received the key for the room so we went in and we spent the rest of the afternoon there sleeping, playing computer games or watching TV. In the evening we had dinner and than we came back to our room.

The moring after we had an abundant continental breackfast and then we stayed out for all the morning, having a look around the big neighborhood full of hotels with hot srpings and pretty shops. We went back to the hotel for lunch and in the afternoon we went to the pool. We spent all the afternoon between the pool with Jacuzzi and the sauna. Later we had a long relaxing shower before dinner. After dinner we were so tired (and relaxed) that we fell asleep very quickly.
Potato dumplings with roe deer
I've tried to take the picture of this grilled pork chop, but I could not because it was so delicious that it desappeared before I could take my camera :P
On wednesday we stayed in the pool all the day and on thursday  morning we prepared our suitcases. After breackfast wewalked around the neighborhood for shopping and taking some picture for my blog. In the afternoon we went in the chocolate shop opposite our hotel was wanderful! I took a delicious hot chocoalte and then we bought some pralines to bring back home for our families. After dinner we left the hotel for our homes.
After more than one year of work I was looking for a relaxing vacation with my boyfriend. I don't want complain about my job, absolutely! I really like it and above all I am happy of working there. It is phisically and psycologically hard and I really needed a period of breack. Now I feel completely recharged and ready for restart, on next Monday, with my schedule from 19:00 to 23:30 (closing of the restaurant).

Where do you go for relax? How do you relax when you are particularly tired? I will really appreciate your comments.
Have a nice weekend

domenica 9 ottobre 2016

Anime Review: My hero Academia

"Boku no Hiro Academia" or "My Hero Academia" is the anime version of the manga created by Kohei Horokoshi.

Human beeings are able to develop superpoewrs thanks to a genetic mutation. These superpowers are called Quirk and people who possess these special abilities are part of a new category: the Hero. These Hero fight against Villains who spread panic all over the world.

I liked the first series of the anime, it is a good new generation shonen. Now I am waiting for the second one that is coming (soon I hope).

Intensely recommended

venerdì 7 ottobre 2016

Anime Review: Kotetsujou no kabaneri

"Kotetsujo no kabaneri" by Tetsuro Araki is an anime setted in the years of the industrial revolution. A strange virus transforms people in zombies, called kabanes, who can't be killed unless hit their heart. On Hinomoto island people built fortified train stations to cope with this dangerous situation. The main character, Ikoma, is an ingeneer that created a new arm that can break the iron protection around the hearts of the kabanes.

The anime is good I liked it. The story is quite simple, sometimes taken for garanted but I loved more the steampunk atmosphere. My boyfriend and I will take inspiration from this anime to bild something for our next cosplay.

I liked also zombies waves, similar to those of the film "Warld War Z". I loved in particular the scenes where kabanes attached all together growing in a bigger one.

Well, I cannot say more, as usual, because if you are interested in watch it you should watch it without I be a spoiler.

Good vision.

venerdì 30 settembre 2016

Just a minute in...September

Hello blog friends!

September has been a quiet month. All coworkers come back from vacations week will be my turn! After one year of work without stops, I am waiting vacations very trepidatious. This month I didn't do something particular except watching anime with my boyfriend and play boardgames. During this week I lighted lavender scented candels and lotus incenses, my favorites.
READING: I recently started a new book "Something out there" by Bruno Arpaia.
LISTENING: a mix of old songs I used to listen when I went to school.
WATCHING: the anime "Kabaneri of the iron fortress"
BUYING: nothing for this month
LOVING: I loved feel the emotion of one year ago, when I started work at Mc Donald's
WANTING: I desired for all the time my vacations and now I will have them.
FEELING: very tired, aching because of my back and a bit frustrated. Despite all, I'm happy and proud because at work I am considered one of the best.

venerdì 23 settembre 2016

4 Things That Make Me Happy!

Hello evrybody!

Secrets for happiness can be a lot and a lot of people wrote about the best ones. I want share with you my secrets for happiness:

1- I spend time only with people who make me feel best. I completly ignore negative people, those who are always complaininy of how "wrong" could be their life.
2- I do only things I like, but don't consider me a lazybones, I'm not meaning that. I have a lot of time to do what I don't like, so why I shouldn't do first what I love? Doing something unwillingly will be made bad.

3- I "study" myself. I always want know my mistakes beacause I want correct them! Once, someone told me we should always say:"I'm sorry, I will make better next time".

4- Self-confidence. This is the hardest work for me, but I'm doing my best keeping it the highest I'm able to do. When you are in peace with yourself, all the rest doesn't matter.
These are my 4 secrets to be happy evryday. It's easier than you think.
Hoping I didn't bored you, I wish you a nice weekend.


sabato 3 settembre 2016

Anime Review: Overlord

Hello readers!

If you are lovers of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) Role Playing Games you should watch the anime "Overlord (by Kugane Maruyama).

Yggdrasil is a popular virtual reality videogame, but now is closing. Momonga, one of the strongest and most famous player, login for the last time attending for the end of the service, but when the countdown finishes he didn't get logout and he is now his own playing character, a powerful elder wizard lich.

I really loved this anime, it is like fantastic advetures we usually play. The story is completely different from the usual ones: it is focused on the atagonists instead of the protagonists. They are all evil non-humans, trying to conquer the new world where they appeared.

Actually you can find only the first series, because it is not finished yet. If you are anxious to know something more let's read the manga.

I wish you a nice weekend!

giovedì 1 settembre 2016

Anime Review: Ergo Proxy

Hello readers!
Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I watched the anime "Ergo Proxy" by Shuko Murase and Dai Sato.

The story is setted in a post apocalyptic future where humans built dome cities facing a dangerous virus. In these domes, humans live with Auto Reivs, robots assembled for hard works.

The plot starts with the escape of a monster, called Proxy, from a laboratory and with a plague that infect the Auto Reivs causing them have feelings and rebel to humans. The protagonist, Re-l Meyer, is investigating about the immigrants, while Vincent is descovering something obscure about himself.

The anime has a wonderful dark cyberpunk setting, ideal to  take inspiration for a good cyberpunk cosplay.

Let's see the anime and have a nice day!


mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Just a minute in...August

Hello readers! It's more than 1 year that I post regularly, evry monthes, these posts about the month has just passed. I think it's time to renew it a bit!

First of all: I will (I promise) write a little non-schematic introduction, where I describe what happened during the last month. So, let's start!

This month have been very buisy. At work a lot of coworkers took a period of vacations (2 or 3 par turn) and the other who didn't take vacations had to cover their absence. Despite the high ammount of overtime work, I found a bit of time for boyfriend, friends and for my sister Cristina. With my boyfriend we watched a new anime (as usual) and talked about my first vacation. With friend we played to one of my favourite board game, "Relic", and with Cistina we went to see the ney film "Suicide Squad" at the cinema. Between all of this meetings, I found also the time for cooking something new and good (my passion) and couldn't miss a little cold that cought me napping.
Reading: I'm sorry, but this month I didn't read nothing. I read only some blog' posts on bloglovin.
Listening: some old songs, buried into my external hard disc.
Watching: the new film "Suicide Squad" and the anime "Ergo Proxy"
Buying: some new bathing suits for my vacations
Loving: Improvements
Wanting: I want be better than what I was before.
Feeling: happy and excited.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Have a nice week!

venerdì 12 agosto 2016

Cooking box

Hello readers!
This week have been very very buisy for me. At work a lot of coworkers are missing for vacation (here in Italy we are used to have vacation in August) and who has no vacation (like me) have to work more for cover the missing ones.

Despite my binding and special work, I found a bit of time for cook something good. Cooking is an activity that relax me. I love cooking and I usually don't use recipes because they are too "rigorous". The first dish I show you is a dish of Ramen with chiken and vegetables (onions, carrots and cabbage). I make it dry too much, but it was good.
Then something of the italian tradition: eggplant parmigiana. Eggplant parmigiana is a sort of lasagne with slices of eggplants instead of slices of pasta and a lot of parmesan cheese. It was the first time I cooked it and I've been satisfaied. Maybe I put a little too tomatoe sauce, but my father really loved it and this was enough for me.

During this week eggplants have been protagonists in my dishes. My parents cultivate them in our vegetable gardens and the eggplants this summer are a lot. So I wanted try a new recipe with this nice vegetable. I cut them in slices and then rolled in breadcrumbs, and finally I cooked the in a pan with a little bit of oil. It was the first time my father ate them in that way and he loved them so much that he asked me to cook them again.
Hope you liked my post.
Have a nice weekend.

lunedì 8 agosto 2016

Anime/Manga Review: Deadman Wonderland

Hello readers and happy summer to evrybody!
Today I want talk to you abou the anime and the manga named "Deadman Wonderland" by Kazuma Kondou. It's a splatter horror shonen.

My boyfriend and I found the first series of the anime on "VVVVID", our favourite streaming website, anime and it aroused our curiosity.

It talk about a boy who survived to the carnage of his classmates made by the red man and who was judged at fault of the carnage. He was send down into "Deadman Wonderland", a private jail used also as entertainment center. There he descouver that he is able to control its blood and that there is someone who is making experiments with special and not  prisoners.

We watched the first series, but the anime isn't actually complete. And it excited me so much that I read the rest of the story on the manga. I loved both a lot and now I'm waiting for the second series of the anime.

Run see and read it (if you have the guts to do it)!  I'll be there for evry comment about it.

Have a nice summer!

mercoledì 27 luglio 2016

Just a minute in...July

READING: Irish Ghost Stories
LISTENING: sounds of summer
WATCHING: the anime "Bakemonogatari"
BUYING: a new large red bag
LOVING: my new hair stile

Have a nice week!

domenica 24 luglio 2016

Pasta with Salami Pasta

Good sunday readers! How are you?

This morning I was so dynamic that I decided to cook something very, very good for lunch.  I opened the fridge and, there, right there, at the forefront of one of the shelfs, in front of my eyes, I have found a little pack of salami pasta. So, why don't cook a good sauce for pasta? And I did it! I wanted use potatoes dumplings, but I did not have potatoes at home, so I used penne. 
The recipe is very simple:
1- I prepared some sautéed vegetables with onions, carrots and slice of squashed garlic.
2- I added the salami pasta, the tomato passata and a bit of BBQ sauce and let it boil.
3- I cooked the pasta.
4- Finally, I mixed all together and served after it cooled a little.
And this is the result!

Hope you liked this post.
Have a nice summer's weekend!

giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Manga review: Torikago Syndrome

Hello readers! How are you?

Today I want talk about the new manga "Torikago Syndrome" by Akaza Samamiya.

"Will the young boys in cage obtain the wings for freedom or will crowl into the darkness?

With the suggestion of "Daddy Long-legs", Tsugumi Ayase join the seminary Zugvogel. There, searching the true freedom, take part to "the game of the classes". However because of this cruel and unfair game Marco, the first friend that the boy has nevere had, is pushed to retreat himself from the school and Tsugumi decide to become the next "king" for stopping this game. So start a new game with protagonists Tsugumi, the king Kain, the misterious Licht and the teacher Reinhart!

What will be the outcome of the game?"

A perfect summary behind the manga. I wasn't able to write one, so I decided to copy (or better translate) the summary of the manga.

I found the first pages of this manga into a booklet in my favourite comics shop and than I found the first number at the Verona Comics' Fair. After I bought the first number I descovered that it was a miniseries composed by only 2 volumes. I've read the first number, I litterarly divoured it, and than? I wanted read the second one because I wanted know how it finished.

It have been very interesting, with a lot of intrigues between the protagonists. Something "soft", infact it is a Shojo manga, a sort of romance. I liked it, and for the lovers of Shojos, I really suggest it.

See you next post!

lunedì 4 luglio 2016

Just a minute in...June

READING: blogs and mangas
LISTENING: Anime's opening themes
WHATCHING: "My hero Academia"
BUYING: cinese food for me and my boyfriend
LOVING: summer

sabato 25 giugno 2016

Anime review: Kiseiju

Hello everybody!
Last week my boyfriend and I finished to watch "Kiseiju".

It talk about a parasite who ate the right arm of a boy. They start to live together for their survival against other parasites who kill and eat other people.

The plot is very simple,  but the ideologies exhibited in it are relly strong. The anime has a specific reference to our modern theme of pollution and world's overpopulation. I like the almost radical changing of the protagonist, but i liked more the ideologies of the parasites.

As usual I don't like say more about, because I don't want spoil something very very interesting!

See you at next post!

venerdì 24 giugno 2016

The Troll's Bridge

Welcome back readers!
Today I would tell you a very little story inspired by this photo I took last week:

"The Troll's Bridge"
Once upon a time, a troll was living under a bridge near  a village and for each villager that passed the bridge he asked a toll. One day he met a little girl and, as usually, he stopped her and saied:
"If you want pass, you have to pay a toll."
"Why I should pay for passing the bridge?" asked the girl.
"Because it's mine." the troll answered.
"It can't be yours, I don't see any signpost with your name on."
"But it's my home!" the troll was getting angry.
"Don't shout please. I have to go now or I'll be late for school." the girl passed without paying the toll, and the troll retired under his bridge.
The following day, early in the moarning, the troll was still sleeping whe he was woke up by a strong noise of a hummer hitting on something. He went out by the bridge to see what was happening and saw the girl of the day before who was installing a signpost to the starting of the bridge.
"Why are you doing this?" asked the troll.
"Because you're right asking a toll to villagers who want pass the bridge, but you should show that this is your bridge." answered the girl. After she finished to install the signpost she gave two coins to the troll; one for the day before and one for that ones, than she passed the bridge and went to school.
Days passed and all the villagers wanted pass the bridge, payed the toll for the troll. He became reach, but he wasn't happy. He liked scare the villagers who didn't want to pay the toll, and now he was boring. One day he decided to break the signpost for scaring all the villagers who passed there. When she meet again the girl she asked:
"Why did you break the signpost? Didn't you want our coins?"
"I don't want your coins, I want scare all of you." answered happy the troll.
"So, you don't need of this?" the girl asked showing the coin.
"No, I don't need it." he took a big sack of coins and gave it to the girl, than he retired again under the bridge, waiting for the next villager to scare. The girl came back home with the big sack of coins and decided to use them for halp her parents with the field of grain. From that day the troll nevemore scared the girl, he scared only the other villagers.

Hope you liked the story.
Have a nice weekend attention to the troll!


domenica 19 giugno 2016

Verona Comics' Fair

Hello readers! How are you?

Last sunday I went to the Verona Comics' fair with my boyfriend and friends. It was so beautiful despite the weather was rainy. We left home at half past eight in the moarning and it took two houres for reach our destination. After entered the fair, we started walk around the stands, watching what we could by later. While we was walking around, I saw a staffed animal of a sweet character of an old anime I used to wath with my sister when I was young. It's name is Mokona by the anime "Magic Knignt Rayearth". I've always loved it.
After the first parade lap, we had our lunch, and then we started with purchases. At the end of the shopping I bought: 2 mangas, a beautiful kimono, a nice collar with a little bell a cat's tail and a nwe boardgame, "Caverna: the cave farmers".

I have finished to read last night the second number of the manga "Bloody Mary" .It is so misterious and nice! Waiting for the third number, I will read the other one I bought "Torikago Syndrome".

Have a nice weekend!