martedì 25 novembre 2014

Trip in the Desert

Hello to everybody! I would share with you a nice test I've found in a forum. It's a lovely way to know ourselves.
Here I'll give you the link where you can find the test:

Female version:
Trip in the Desert for her

Male version:
Trip in the Desert for him

And now, I'll tell you my outcome ^_^

The Cube represents the character.
Its dimension is the level of the poise. Mine is as large as a vocabulary so this reveals that I have a very lacking pois.
The material with whom is made the cube confirms or deny what is expressed from the dimension. I chose pastic that reveals a big willpower that allow to take care of an insecurity background.
The color of the cube expresses the vivacity of character, the instinct to open oneself to the other, the wish and the curiosity to live new experiences. I imagined a white cube. I'm not able to feel strong emotions, I have good diplomatic skills and a bit of naicety background.

The stairway represents friendship.
The appearance showes the qualty gave to this feeling. Mine is a large stepped firmly placed stairway. This reveals that I attribute a big importance to friendship. Integrity, disponibility and love towards friends are feelings who control and animate the life. However, the concession of a similar trasure requires the passing of some proof.
The length is the disponibility to make now friends and the result is that I have a big disponibility to make now friends and I wish also preserve those older.
The material with whom it''s made expresses how many count in teh life older friendships. For me longtime friends are holy and invidiable even if I discover that I have nothing in common.

The horse represents the partner and the connection with love.
It's dimension showes which place the partner occupes in life and which is the importance attributed to love. For me, the partner is a support, a safe haven, a foundamental presence without whom the life wouldn't heve sense. Love is very important, especially for what concern its more sweet and romantic side.
Its colour expresses the level of confidence and intimacy reached with the partner and also the own vision of sex. I imagined a black horse, so this showes that the partner has a big erotic charm, a big sexual attraction that don't leave space to the curiosity to know his spirit and his nature. Sex results satisfying only if it exposes risks or permit involving transgressions.

The sendstorm represents your greater support in your life. 
That which remaines to you represents that you consider as the only one support who hang on yourself and that you can really count on during the moment of difficulty, of sadness, of solitude and also the thing that take on importance in your life. The thing that remains to me is the horse. Who save the horse consider the person without which would be impossible face various difficulties and overcome the moments of crisis. In turn is able to give constantly to the own partner certainy, support and devoted soldarity.

I agree to this result, especially about friendship and love. I really see myself in what the result sayes. And you? Try to do it! And, if you want, you can post your outcomes here, like comments ^_^
Enjoy yourself and...relax! ^_^
Emmy Iyuko.

mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Magical places of my heart...Japan

I like travel, but I've never had the possibility to do it. So, waiting to start travelling, I like lose my mind into the pictures of my favourite places.

The first place I would tell you is Japan. It's my favourite one. My passion for Japan started during the middle school. My sister was an aficionado of anime and manga. I red some of it, and durind the high school I red more and more. Now I'm still reading and watching a lot.

At first place I love Japan's nature, especially during spring, with the cherry-tree bloom. They have an out-and-out celebration. Mount Fuji is another lovely natural element, but my favourites in absolute are Zen Gardens.
Mount Fuji

Zen Garden

Another Zen Garden

Cherry-tree bloom

Cherry-tree bloom
I love also Japan architecture, especially the traditional Japan architecture. I love temples. They give me a particular sense of tranquillity. The modern architecture is too similar to the occidental. When I hear something of Japan, I visualize bamboo woods, temples, traditional haouses, Geishas with ther particular kimonos and Samurai coming back from a battle.
A temple

Inner of a traditional house

Another temple

Traditional japanese gate
This is my first magical place. I have a lot of magical places so...don't lose next posts.
I hope you didn't bored.
See you ^_^
Love Emmy Iyuko.

martedì 18 novembre 2014

Lucca Comics&Games

Three weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to Lucca for the event named "Lucca Comics&Games" ^_^
It's a fair of comics and games of all kinds. At this event participate a lot of people, expecially cosplayers.
This is the second time I go there. The first one was last year. I went without a cosplay, so I had the possibility to took a lot of photos, but this year I went with a good cosplay. A lot of lovers of "Fallout 3" stopped my boyfriend and I asking us some pictures. Letting the other take pictures of us, I took only 5 or 6 photos of the other :P

My boyfriend and I into the shows of "Fallout 3"
The place where we enjoyed most was the stand of the games. There we asked about new boardgames searching something new to play. We bought 4 new games: Citadel, Colonists of Catan, The good the bad and the Munchkin and Pandemia.

The 4 new games all together

We had a lot of fun during all the day and we saw a lot of cosplayers. Borderlands, Fallout, Digimon, Full Metal Panic and so many others! This event, in Italy, is one of the paradise for passionates like us.

A group of the game "Borderlands"

A couple by the fiction "Misfits"

Bonta Kun by "Full Metal Panic"

A Warior of Caos

Angewomon by the anime "Digimon"
 Those were the pictures I was able to take. My favorite is Angewomon, the female version of Angemon, by the anime "Digimon". In my opinion, was the best I saw during the day.

Well, for now it's all folks ^_^ I hope I didn't bored you.
I'm projecting new posts. Don't lose them! ^_^

sabato 8 novembre 2014

This is me

Hello to everybody! I'm Emily, alias Emmy Iyuko. I'm 22 and I'm almost nerd ^_^
I like play computer games, board games and Role Play. I'm also a cosplayer; the best one was "Fallout 3" that I prepared for the "Lucca Comics&Games" of last week.

I have a wonderful boyfriend. He halped me to become who I am actually. I met him four years ago, during a meeting for a Role Play. It was love at first sight <3

I love nature and animals. When I have a bit of free time, I like go walk in the woods or in the fields behind my home.
I also like light an incense, lay me flat on the bad, listen to a relaxing music and imagine me into the woods, or in a field, walking out of the path and admiring the hide small beautiful things of the nature.

I hope you like my blog and I hope I didn't bored you ^_^
Emmy Iyuko.