venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Just a minute in...June

This was one of the best month of the year. I participated to 2 comics fairs and I received beautiful presents for my birthday. My colleagues bought for me the first 8 volumes of the manga "My Hero Academia" and the 4 volumes of "Psycho Pass" and a voucher for some purchases in my favorite comics shop. I used that voucher for buying 4 volumes of another manga called "Bloody Mary". I'm full of things to read now.
READING: the first number of the manga "Gantz" and the manga "Psycho Pass".
LISTENING: jazz music.
WATCHING: the two animes "Attack on Titan - season 2" and "My Hero Academia - Season 2".
BUYING: some mangas.
LOVING: I really loved my two weeks of holiday.
WANTING: I would have more time for studying.
FEELING: a bit nervous, but relaxed.

How was your beautiful month? Leave comentes below and have a nice week!

lunedì 26 giugno 2017

Multi-playing: from past to present

Hello readers!

Some days ago, my boyfriend and I were talking about how Internet changed gamers lives and while we were talking about he inspired me this post.

Till some years ago, if people wanted to play with friends they had to go to their friend's home and play. Sitting on the sofa or on the carpet, chatting or arguing because of "you won, it's unfair!" (obviously, nicely). And if people were more than two in front of the same game, they had to wait their moment to play, because older consoles had only two joysticks, like Nintendo or PS1.

Than came Internet and all changed. If people want to play together have only to send a message to their friends and start to play. Each one sitting on their chairs, in front of their computers and, probably, with a pair of earphones on their head. This is the modern way for multi-playing. And what about chatting? There are a lot of kind of chats today, but can be said that is really better than before?

Talking about playing together, I like modern multi-player games, I play a lot, but I'm a bit nostalgic of meeting together with friends and making a lot of noise in living rooms. And I miss also parents who was always scolding us for the noise.

And you? What do you think about? Feel free to leave comments below!

Have a nice week.

martedì 20 giugno 2017

Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul

The last anime I've watched was "Tokyo Ghoul" by the director Shuhei Morita. The anime is inspired by the manga with the same name created by Sui Ishida.

The setting is a dark Tokyo who has problems with ghouls, people forced to eat other people for survive. The plot talks about a boy, Ken Kaneki, who becomes a ghoul after an accident. After this accident he meets other ghouls who don't eat other living people, but only suicide victims. At the end of the first series, Kaneki is subjected to a very strong event and change completely his mood. Starting with the second series, he decides to leave his friends and reach a corporation of ghoul called Tree of Aogiri. They want exterminate all the CCG, a human organization that want to kill all the ghouls.

Many friends of mine and my boyfriend, told me "don't watch it, it's not so good", but I didn't listened to them. And the result was that in three or four days I devoured both the series (the second one in only one day)! Well, where I can start from? It's a shonen anime, my favourite gender. It contains strong psychological themes, so it isn't really for children. Especially the last two episodes of the first series, I felt really emotionally bed (and I'm not so sensitive). Does it has a happy ending? I can't really say yes. But I can't say not. It's an open ending, where you can imagine how does it finish with some limits, sure. Opening and ending themes are all good, but the best is the first opening, as usual.

Have you seen it? What do you think about it? For those who still hasn't it!
Have a nice week! ^_^

venerdì 16 giugno 2017

Time For Everything and Everyone

Hello readers!

Last week had been a fantastic occasion for relaxing. It was a week of time off and I used it for playing computer games, playing violin, reading blogs and writing. Relax was the key-word!

It started two Sundays ago with a wonderful day of chill out lost in nature and passion. My boyfriend and I went to a cosplay event in a beautiful villa with a big garden. We went with our simple cosplays: a Samurai (my boyfriend) and a Nekomata half-demon (me). We enjoyed a lot meeting our friends and knowing a lot of new people. We participated also to a funny treasure hunt and we won a nice bag with the event logo. Later, in the afternoon we left and came back home. Once arrived we were so tired that we fell asleep immediately.

Obviously, couldn't miss the usual Tuesday meeting with Role Playing Games friends where we created new Playing Characters for a new campaign.

The White Samurai and the Nekomata half-demon
I spent all the Thrusday morning writing an essey preparing for the FCE I will attend on August, the 4th and in the afternoon I had a large ice-cream cup with my aunt befor to bring her back home.
On Friday morning I met with my friend Giacomo for a large breakfast and I took the occasion for have a good 6km walk (go and back). Then I had lunch and in the afternoon I had my usual violin lesson. In the evening I participated to a dinner with my Gym group and I ate a very tasty fish paella.

Saturday was my birthday and I had a little and tranquil party with my family in the evening.
On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to another fair called "Sagra dei Fumetti". It was larger than last year and there was a very hot sun! We used our new cosplays, but we spent a lot of time under the gazebo of some friends. But we also was able to buy something! Three new board-games and some mangas.

What about you? When will you have your summer vacation?
Have a nice weekend!

giovedì 1 giugno 2017

Just a Minute in...May

Hello readers!
May have been a beautiful month. Spring arrived bringing wanderful warm days and I started my English lessons preaparing for my First Certificate Exams. I meet with the teacher once par week for one hour and we talk only in English. I'm really loving it! At work, managers gave me a lot of days off, because I have too many vacations days left (they say). Last Sunday I played at the ending year concert of the music school and I was so satisfied of the way I played, and my violin teacher was satisfied to.
READING: pathfinder's monual for a new Character.
LISTENING: a 3 hours compilation of jazz music.
WATCHING: the second season of "Boku No Hero Academia"
BUYING: shoes. I've bought 3 pair of shoes for this summer.
LOVING: I'm loving English and violin lessons.
WANTING: nothing in particular for now.
FEELING: relaxed.

How was your May? Feel free to leave comments.
Have a nice week.