lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Just a minute in November

Reading: finally I'm reading the last chapter of the trillogy of the Area X: "Acceptance" <3
Listening: a bit of relaxing japanese music.
Watching: "Psyco-Pass", a new anime, and "Pirates of the Caribbeans"
Buying: some Xmas presents :3
Loving: I'm loving spend time watching and petting my cat sleeping on the bed or on the carpet.
Wanting: I need a lot of energy for complete a special project...
Feeling: excited.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Winter is coming

Autumn and Winter aren't my favourite seasons because it's cold and we have to wear warm clothes, but I love their colours and some activity I usully do.

I adore the colours of Autumn: red, yellow, brown and that particular pale green. They make me feel extremly relaxed. In Winter I like when, after a snowfall, arrives the Sun and create a sort of rainbow on the white fields.

My favourite activities in these periods are:

  • watch films curled-up in a warm woolly blanket.
  • drink hot green tea, red tea, citrus and vanilla based infuses combined with special bisquit with cereal and raisin.
  • drink hot chocolate with my father late in the evening.
  • read books and posts and play with computer listening my favourite music.
  • meet with friend and play boardgames and RPGs in front of a hot cup of tea.

Green tea and special bisqits
What do you usually like to do in these cold monthes?

Have a nice week!

mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

Welcome Nicol!

Hello darlings! How are you?

I'm very happy because in the moarning of the 10th of November was born my third little niece. Her name is Nicol, she was born 4490gr and 55cm! I sow her for the first time on wednesday evening and she was so lovely!
Grandparents with her grandoughter
See you soon!