giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Just a minute in...December

Reading: "The Tibetan book of deads". It's a gift from my sister Cristina.
Listening: Nightwish
Watching: "Apocalypto" a film about the ancient people of South America.
Buying: other Christmas presents, included mine.
Loving: hot teas and infuses drunk playing with friends and boyfriends.
Wanting: more chocolate!
Feeling: a bit tired but happy!

mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015

A horror tail

Hi everyone!
I'm here with a new tail and I won't say you anything else. Have a nice reading!

The nightfall before I participated to a Halloween party. The theme was "Corpse Brides" and it was organized by a friend of mine. We have been offered ti rest there for the night for the ones who lived far away. My best friend and I decided to accept the offering and we rested in the theatre where the party took place.
When I woke up in the moarning, I went down in the basement for use the toilette. I was still wearing my corpse bride wedding dress and while I was coming out of the bathroom, passing in front of the mirror at the bottom of the toilette room, I saw something strange: in the mirror, my snow white wedding dress was completly bloodstained and the place all around the image was rotten.
I approached the mirror and instinctivley touched it. In the same moment I watched myself in the eyes and I winded up inside the mirror. My mirrored image watched me, sniggering, and then she went away with my snow white dress, leaving me inside that fetid dimension with her grimy dress.
I sterted roam through thet dimension, searching a way to escape. The structure was the same of the theatre, with the only difference that all seemed to be abandoned for ages. All was filthy and seemed that could fall to pieces at any moment.
I reached those that in reality was the stage, where my friend and I rested the night before. She there wasn't in that dimension. The seats were imbued with damp and the floor was covered by a slimy dark red coloured material. The palnks of the stage were spoiled. i took the small stairs on the right of the stage and I climbed them. on the stage, the red curtains were soacked by the same slimy material of the floor. I passed through them and I was hit by a nauseating smell. All the tools were rotten or broken. I put a hand on the nose and I turned to the left seeing something turned dawn itself, feasting with the tools of the theatre. Stepping back I made a little noise and that strage thing turned to me. It was like a bear without fur, with lacerated muscles under the decaied skin. the drool was red had no eyes on its face.
After a few second of fear I started to run out of the theatre and the monster slashed the curtains. I reached the hall, jumping down of the stage, and tried to escape but the doors were loked. So I took the way for the dressing rooms, searching something that I could use as a weapon. The beast run faster then me but it was too massive and the corridors were too thight, letting me taking land. Without I noticed it, I reached the door on the back. It was sealed with an iron cane. i kept the cane, even if with repulsion because of the strange material wich covered it, and I turned against the beast. While I was yet turning, the beast pierced itself with the cane. The big iron cane opened a hole on the chest of the beast. It fell down on the floor and I have been merciless towards it.
While I was hitting it I noticed something sparkling into the chest of the creature. I stopped and started to search into that rotten meet finding a small object. It was a pendant, similar to the one that wore my friend. It had an opening on one side and I opened it. Inside there was a mirror. I watched through the reflection of my eyes and suddenly the stink and the filth disappeared. Only two things were still there: the pendant and the blood on my hands. i watched in front of me, where I left the dead beast and instead of it I saw my friend. She was spreaded out on the floor, with a hole in her chest. All around her blood...blood everywhere. Cought by a strong agony I threw away the pendant and standed up quickly. My dress was bloodstained and also my hands and I could not had gone out of the theatre in that way. My best friend was dead, i killed her. Scared and confused I decided to call the police and give myself up. I could not have done anything else.
The police arrived and I was still there, asking myself if I should have told the truth or if I should have lied. No one could believe to me if I would have told the truth. I have been arrested and brought to the police station. Into the interview room I have been interrogated but I didn't sayed anything. I did not know what I should say. I watched down. The table was made of iron. I saw myself again, reflected on the iron surface, and I understood what I had to do. I watched my reflection in the eyes and I came back in that dimesion. I did not killed my friend, the fault was of the other girl who wanted take my place in the real world. So, she hed to be judges for wat she had done.
In the other dimension I was sitting on a dirty and cold wooden chair. In fron of me, to the other side of the table, there was two puppets. They were there, motionless. On the rotten wooden table there was a mirror. I broke it with a punch and I wet out of that room, surrounded by the laments of all creatures inside that dimension.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.
Have a nice week.