lunedì 19 febbraio 2018

Still alive

Hello readers, how are you?

It's a long time I don't publish some posts...I'm so sorry. My last weeks have been so busy.
The work at the new restaurant is going really bad. They mistreat me and they make me work a lot only in the weekends. So I decided to look for something else and...thanks to my lovely sister, I found it! For the next two weeks I will work for a silk-screen printing from monday to friday and for the restaurant on saturday. But it's two weeks I'm working without breath because of the restaurant. They didn't wanted to change my schedule for last week so I had to work everyday all the day. Now I'm so tired. I can't wait this sunday for a rest.

But now I'm a "common" worker, I will have all the evenings free and also all the weekends. Wonderful! I will be able to participate to all my favourite Comics events! And I will have better time for working on my cosplays. I'm really loving it, already.

Let me organize my new life and than I will write again for you.


mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Film Review: The last Samurai

Last Sunday night I watched one of my favorite films on tv. Now I would share with you its review.
The film is "The last samurai" by Eduard Zwick.

The story talks about an american captain who is hired from Japanese people after the war against American Indians. They need someone able to train inexpert japanese soldiers for suppressing what they think it's a samurai rebellion. During a battle the captain is taken prisoner from samurai and he's brought in a small village on the mountains. There he learns a lot about the life of samurai. In spring he comes back to Tokyo.

I really like this film. Because it talks about Japan and its traditions. I love most of the samurai's way of life. I love their meditation, their capacity of living firmly in contact with nature and their self-analysis. Martial arts are beautiful disciplines and "Bushido" could has many thing to teach to us Occidental people.

Have you ever seen this film? Do you like Japan and its culture? Is there something in particular that you love about Japan? What do you think about samurai? Feel free to leave comments with your answers.

Have a nice wednesday.

domenica 4 febbraio 2018

3 things I've loved this week

This week wasn't so good for me, but I have something good to share with you. I spent the most of the time illed. The flu of this winter is absolutely bad.

1. First of all, I signed a new job contract with the restaurant where I'm working now. The contract will expire at the end of March so...I'm not sure it will become an apprenticeship or something else longer. Fortunately I'm not desponding. There are other possibility all around me, I have only to look for them.

2. For a dinner, I cooked a pizza with a box of puff pastry I found in the fridge. I cooked it really simply: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and grated zucchini.
Picture by me
3. For Tuesday dinner, with my boyfriend, I cooked really tasty gnocchi with speck and cream. So good!
Picture by me
How was your week? Tell me the best things you've done.

Have a nice Sunday.

venerdì 2 febbraio 2018

Welcome February!

Picture by Pinterest
Carnival is near. I'm really happy because it's time for fritters and crostoli. I love apple fritters and I think I will eat a lot of them. I like also fritters with cream or raisins.
Carnival is good also for cosplaying. Maybe I will be able to participate at one or two events near my home.
I looked for a "new" car and I found it! It will be ready even for the next week! It's an italian car and it is like I wanted.
For this month I want to project a new coslay for an event at the end of March. I would like to create a good witch. The event is organized by a park for the opening of the season, so I'm thinking to a witch of nature. Maybe a simple green long dress and some flouers and leaves.

What kind of costume would you create for the coming Spring? Let me know your ideas!

Happy February everybody and happy carnival!

Just a Minute in...January

Screenshot by my smartphone
Last month has been a tranquil month. I worked, I saw my boyfriend and friends and I started to take nice selfies.

READING: Some d&d guides for a new Playing Character.
WATCHING: This month I watched a lot of Disney's cartoons.
LISTENING: The OST of Skyrim. I really love it.
BUYING: I had a bit of shopping: some clothes and make-up products.
LOVING: Myself...sometimes we should love also oureselves.
WANTING: I need to buy a "new" car.