venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Runes, Tarots and divination

Since when I was a child I always loved magic, like the most of children, but this passion grew up with me and at 19 years old I started to study something more about occultism.

I started with Runes. I remember that my sister had a teared page of a journal where there was a nice description of Runes. I was really attracted from those small rocks where were engraved old northern symbols that could give us useful suggestion on how we
could conduct our life.

Runes don't forecast our future. They can only describe how could be our future life basing on our present actions. When I read this on a forum I decided to create my personal Runes. I found all I needed to learn and I created my Runes with small stones and I felt a nice connection with them.

Two years later, when I started to learn more about occultism I understood that I have more connection with wood Runes than the stone ones. So, I created a new set of Runes made by wood and now they are perfect for me.
Recently I started to study also tarots. I have a box full of different tarots. Tarots from India, Italy, China, Nature, Animals...a lot of types. My favourite was I-Ching, a chinese type of tarots. Some monthes ago I was searching for some colors for body painting and I entered in a jagglering shop and I saw a nice set of Sprites's tarots. I was affected from their illustrations that reminded me an old book of fairy tails that my mother used to read when I was child. I bought them and I started to study hard for use them correctly.
Untill now I used my tarots only once, for get acquainted with them and I felt very well using them. Tarots, differently from Runes, forecast our future, basing from our present. If we or something/someone else change our present, tarots change their forecast.

Divination is something that give peace to me. When I practice divination I feel relaxed, like when I read a good book or when I wach a nice movie. When I divine I usually light a shented candle, with a soft fragrance, and I light also an incense. My favourite incense fragrances are "Lotus" and "Opium" (which were given to me from my sweet boyfriend).

lunedì 18 maggio 2015

5 things I've loved this month

1. The first thing I've loved this month was the course about Human Resources.These weeks are very buisy and hard, because teachers are teaching us a lot of things about job's law, contracts, how prepare pay slips and how become coaches like them. My favourite topic is how to become a good coach.

2. The second thing that have made me happy this month was the starting of my Pathfinder's campaign, a fantasy Role Playing Game. It's title is "Witches' Hunter" and it talks about the witches' hunt that happened between years 1700 and 1800.

3. Two weekend ago, my boyfriend and I started watching an old anime called "Guru Guru". We used to watch it on TV when we were children and we thought to watch it again.

4. Last Saturday I started mu voluntary work in the library I worked untill last March. I really loved come back to the library and work again there.

5. Finally, on Sunday evening, my boyfriend and I went walking longside the bank of the creek near my home, looking for cassia's flowers. My boyfriend's mother asked me if I saw them near my home and I saied that there was a lot of them there. So, she asked me to pick some of them up because she wanted bake friedcake with cassia's flowers.

Hope didn't bore you.
Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Just a Minute in May

Reading: "Memories of a Geisha". I started it some monthes ago, but I don't finished it yet. I like it so much that I want finish it, but at the same time, I would like it could be eternal.

Listening: Hans Zimmer's OST

Watching: "Guardians of the Galaxy" by James Gunn.

Buying: a new pair of glasses!

Loving: the course I am attending about Human Resources.

Wanting: to be more self-confident.

Feeling: really motivated for my future.

Have a nice week!
Emmy Iyuko

venerdì 1 maggio 2015


Hello deares!
After the year of National Civil Service I registered myself for the European project called "Youth Guarantee" beacuse I wanted participate to the selection for a course about human resources. I have been selected with other 9 people and at 20th April we started our path together.

We are studying how to become experts on managing human resources. Practically, we are studying to be very good at find professional profiles asked by companies who are our clients. But it's not all! Today we finished the first part of the course and next week we will start with the second part where we will learn the administrative branch.

All I learned 'till now is very interesting and exciting, I hope the second part will be the same. One of my objectives is to work in the same studio where I received my training in the branch of training. I would like to train other young people like me that are motivated to learn something new every day.