domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Because Fall Rhymes With...Apple and Tea

Hello readers!
Some days ago I was reading some posts of one of my favourite bloggers and I was inspired by one in particular that talked about Fall.

Fall isn't my favourite season but there are some things that I love:

  • First af all, apples! I love them cut in slices, in cakes, with a soft dose of cinnamon, mixed in salad with walnuts or simply cooked into the wood oven (all food is better cooked with our old wood stove)...I could put them everywhere!
  • And what could accompany a delicate piece of apple pie? A wonderful hot big cup of tea! Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Rooibos...I recently descovered a beautiful tea shop where I can find all kind of teas and infuses. Nothing could make me happier than my favourite cup filled with a good tea.
  • Finally, I love Fall's colours: red, orange and yellow. They are able to cover the cold air that blow against me.

Well, these are the three things that I love most of Fall.
Hope you liked this post and...tell me waht do you like about this magic season in the comments below!

Have a nice Sunday!

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