domenica 13 agosto 2017

Daily Routine

Hello dears,
how are you?

Today I would share with you my new daily routine I created with my new lifestyle.

Every day I wake up at 6 am and I have breackfast. Then I go walking for at least one hour. I usially take the same path because it is tranquil. It passes through the wood and the fields. Early in the morning often heppens to see small eagles or roe deers or squirrels.
Ssst...there is a roe deer in the field.
After the walk I spend a bit of time on my computer, reading e-mails or, if I have my schedule at work, I go work.
The rest of the day changes based on my job schedules. When I have the evening free I meet with my boyfriend for an ice-cream or for watching something together. In the afternoon, I usually stay home (if I don't work, obviously) chilling out. I like reading everything would drow my attention be it posts or books or mangas, or I like playing computer games or watch something my boyfriend doesn't like.
On Tuesday, my day off, in the evening, I have a fixed appointement with the D&D group.
Paper character sheet and excel character sheet
What are your daily routines? Do you have any favorite place where you like staying most? What do you like to do in your leisure? Don't be shy and feel free to comment.


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