sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Implementing what learnt

Last Saturday evening my parents went to a dinner with friends and I decide to invite my boyfriend for a tranquil and funny dinner only him and me. It wasn't a romantic dinner because I'm not so romantic, but given that I'm warking to Mc Donald' since 4 monthes, I prepared his favourite Mc Donald's sandwich: Crispy Mc Bacon. It absolutely wasn't the same thing, but I customised it. I used pink sauce, fresh bacon, scamorza (a kind of italin cheese) and a large hamburger. For my sandwich I used ketchup, iceberg salad, tomatoes scamorza and hamburger. This was the main dish, but before it I cooked a bit of nuggets and for dessert I prepared a delicious panna cotta with caramel. Diego was enthusiastic, especially for the bacon.

After the dinner we met with my sister and her partner listening ti the cincert of him. He's a bass player and in the weekend he usually play with his band in pubs.

Have a nice weekend!

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