giovedì 3 maggio 2018

Game Review: Love Nikki

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It has been some weeks, probabilly more than one month that I descovered this really nice game for smartphone.

"Love Nikki" talks about fashion. You are a girl who arrived in a strange world where they are always competing for the best dressing suit in each occasion (levels). For each level succesfully completed you always gain money and often you gain something else like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessory and so on. Every day you have a login prize and other rewards based on the events of the moment.
You can also compete against other players in the "Stylist's arena" or in the "Competition". The game give you a theme and you can dress up your avatar in the best way you can. You can use your Facebook profile or you can create one before starting.
Took from me
Took from me
Took from me
I like fashion but I'm not a fashion girl. My favourite suit is composed by the most comfortable pair of jeans and tee I find in my wardrobe. But sometimes I like changing and making an effort trying to put on something different and well combined. "Love Nikki" is a really nice game. It's giving me so many ideas! I really like it and I suggest you to try it.

Have a nice day!

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