giovedì 16 marzo 2017

Which film represent me in this moment

Hello readers! How are you? It has been a bit of time that I didn't write something in my blog...forgive me, I was looking for some ideas for new posts and finally I have found it!

Well, today I want write about the film that represent me in this moment. Recently I think often to the film "The devil wears Prada" and I feel near the protagonist.
Talking about this I will exploit for a quick review of the film, for the ones who have never seen it (you must! XD ).
The film talks about a young woman, Andrea, looking for a job and that find one thanks to a leasing company. She was looking for a job in the magazines branch, and the leasing company found her a job in a stylist magazine, the most famous and important of the world: Runway. Well, she isn't actually the kind of girl the magazine want, but Miranda, the owner, decides to give her a chance. Andrea starts her unstable carrier working very hard until late in the night, forced to do all Miranda orders her to do and when she starts to be more considered she is forced to overshadow her boyfriend and friends, always convinced that all she is doing is dictated from her job and Miranda. At the end she understands her mistakes and leave that job.

"The devil wears Prada" is one of my favorite film, I watched it many times and I sill want watch it again and again. I love Meryl Streep in that unbearable role of hateful woman attached more to her high fashion dresses than her husband. The story is simple, foreseeable, something good to watch on a night where you are alone or with your sister/best female friend, relaxed on your sofa and curled up your favorite blanket.

Why this film should represent me now? Because I feel very near the protagonist. She spent a lot of time on job research trying to enforce what was written on her CV and when she finally find something that act as a very good springboard she has to suffers the pains of the hell for keep hard that springboard. I have spent a lot of time on job research trying to enforce what I wrote on my CV and finally I found my springboard. It isn't a very good springboard but it's certainly a good one. The job I actually have is letting me to make arrangements for my future. There is also another thing that I noticed I do like Andrea. Each time her phone rings because of a call from Miranda she says "I must answer." and when someone call me from my workplace asking me if I can substitute for some missing coworkers I always say "I must accept." deleting the most of my appointments with boyfriend, friends and family. It's not much time that I noticed this and when I noticed it I thought rapidly to Andrea and the end she has for this. I'm working for change this situation, because I don't want loose what I love more and because, as usually, I want always be a better person!

And you? Which film does represent you the best now? Why? Leave comments freely!
Have a nice week!

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  1. I didn't think I'd like this movie, but I did. Interesting perspective about how it relates to your life right now. ^ ^